Normani Wiki

Welcome to The "Policy & Rules" page, this page has a list of things that you must follow whilst using this wiki. By breaking these rules you will be either given a warning or depending on the circumstance be blocked from the wiki.


  1. Use this wiki for fun and to spread positivity as well as helping out and contributing to the wiki pages.
  2. Treat all users with kindness.
  3. Create blogs instead of pages for things that aren't necessary to make a post.

Do Not:

  1. Make an account if you're under 13.
  2. Make multiple accounts.
  3. Edit other user pages without permission or good reason.
  4. Create new categories without admin permission.
  5. Advertise other pages with exceptions to the comment section underneath the topic you're advertising.
  6. Spread false information across the pages or wiki.
  7. Harass or bully other user/s.
  8. Insult others.
  9. Use this wiki to troll or make fake pages.
  10. Wrongfully categorise pages.
  11. Add inappropriate / sexually explicit photos or videos to this page. (Immediate Block)
  12. Unnecessary swearing/profanity - It's acceptable to swear but not add it to a part of the wiki it doesn't need to be added to because we will have to flag the page.
  13. Ship war, if you don't ship the people don't send hate to any who do. Also do not categorise them as a "Relationship" when they're not.
  14. Badge game, making edits just to get badges.
  15. Continuously make pages that are unnecessary.
  16. Send hate (not including opinions) to Lauren and/or any of the Fifth Harmony members or other celebrities on this page, as it is unnecessary and pointless.
  17. Give out personal/private information.
  18. Removing information you don't like this is vandalism.
  19. Adding content that is not your own without copyright.

Rules from Camila Cabello Wikia